Friday, July 24, 2009

Swimming and Camping

We have spent a lot of time at the county pools swimming. It is such a great time, splashing in the water.

I love our trailer!! I love it. It makes camping so nice and enjoyable. We have spent a lot of time out at the property. Camping with family and friends - what a better way to spend the summer.

Over the 4th my aunt Elysen and her husband Jon, my cousins' daughter Savannah and my grandpa Hinckley - all from Utah. It was so nice having them visit and I was amazed at Ryan behavior with Savannha. He LOVED her! Almost would go to her over me!!! It was really nice having an older girl with me all weekend, because Tyler and Nathan acted better and she really helped out with Ryan.

It is so fun riding on the boat. Ryan is constantly lifting his leg (like he is climbing on) and saying "ba boat"

Tyler is quite the tuber and has had a great summer "riding the waves" It is so fun to see him having fun!

Nathan just loves to ride on the boat or maybe go for a SLOW ride on the tube. He loves to drive and hold the flag.

What a great summer and sad to think that it is almost over.

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