Friday, July 24, 2009


Summer started with our annual trip to Silverwood. What a fantastic place and so much fun. I can't believe how much my boys "LOVE" the rides. Tyler loves the rides that make you completely sick and Nathan loves the rollercoasters. I did one ride with each of them and knew that I was done!

Nathan - I was completely amazed that he rides the "big" rollercoasters with his hands held high in the air and yelling. Sitting next to him, I couldn't believe how my baby has changed!

Tyler - I only did one ride and was about to puke! He kept going and going. He loves the rides that shot you from one side to the other and up and down!

Ryan - he loved all the little kiddie rides, but especially the "Little Toot Toot" train rollercoaster.

Billy - Well he becomes a 5 year old all over again. He love ALL the rides and loves that everyone loves riding with him.

It is amazing how fast the day goes. We never even made it to Boulder Beach - a huge waterpark.

I had to document that I still go on rollercoasters!!

You have to love the big train ride. It is about an hour and a guaranteed nap for Ryan, 3 years in a row - Gotta love it!

The boys love bumper cars

More bumper cars

My favorite ride is the log ride

A drive in the Country - these cars make the boys feel so big! They get to drive the car. Watch out!

Memories of Silverwood

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