Monday, April 27, 2009


Nathan has not really been a "fisherman", but this past weekend with opening season, Grandpa and Mike Fisk took Tyler and Nathan to Fish Trap and camped overnight on Fisk's boat. Nathan from the get go was ready for it and could not wait until Friday. Saturday morning as the fishing was slow, Tyler (who can out fish anyone and usually doesn't care if he gets a bite or not, started to get frustrated that the fishing were not biting), Nathan looks at him and says, "You know Tyler you have to wait a long time to get a fish!"

I am grateful for my dad and Mike Fisk for taking both of them. They will always remember sleeping on the boat and fishing. They had a great time.


So just the other day, Tyler and I were talking about different things and he tells me so metter of fact that he is, "a medium-sized adult - not a kid!" I just started laughing and couldn't beleive what he had said!

A week or so ago we were talking about riding the bus and that everyday after school he would not just automatically think that he and Nathan were going to play with the neighbor boy everyday after school - since they would get off the bus together, so Tyler said without a pause, "Well mom, why don't you get me a cell phone and I'll call you from the bus and find out if that day we could play or not." I was stunned that he thought that it was completely NORMAL for a 7 year to have a cell phone!

And finally, last week for cubscouts they went to a museum. I was not able to go, so when I picked him up I was talking to him about what was cool that he saw and learned. It went on for a while and then sorted ended. Then all the sudden he says, "Yeah - there was this thing called a typewriter - it was pretty cool, I even got to type my name on it." As I'm laughing I realize that I too and getting old and things that I used as a child are in a museum!

Oh, it is always good to have a good laugh.