Monday, April 27, 2009


Nathan has not really been a "fisherman", but this past weekend with opening season, Grandpa and Mike Fisk took Tyler and Nathan to Fish Trap and camped overnight on Fisk's boat. Nathan from the get go was ready for it and could not wait until Friday. Saturday morning as the fishing was slow, Tyler (who can out fish anyone and usually doesn't care if he gets a bite or not, started to get frustrated that the fishing were not biting), Nathan looks at him and says, "You know Tyler you have to wait a long time to get a fish!"

I am grateful for my dad and Mike Fisk for taking both of them. They will always remember sleeping on the boat and fishing. They had a great time.


So just the other day, Tyler and I were talking about different things and he tells me so metter of fact that he is, "a medium-sized adult - not a kid!" I just started laughing and couldn't beleive what he had said!

A week or so ago we were talking about riding the bus and that everyday after school he would not just automatically think that he and Nathan were going to play with the neighbor boy everyday after school - since they would get off the bus together, so Tyler said without a pause, "Well mom, why don't you get me a cell phone and I'll call you from the bus and find out if that day we could play or not." I was stunned that he thought that it was completely NORMAL for a 7 year to have a cell phone!

And finally, last week for cubscouts they went to a museum. I was not able to go, so when I picked him up I was talking to him about what was cool that he saw and learned. It went on for a while and then sorted ended. Then all the sudden he says, "Yeah - there was this thing called a typewriter - it was pretty cool, I even got to type my name on it." As I'm laughing I realize that I too and getting old and things that I used as a child are in a museum!

Oh, it is always good to have a good laugh.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spring Break

We had a great spring break. We stayed close to home, but did a few fun things everyday. It puts a damper in your spirits when it SNOWS during spring break, but oh well we still managed to find lots to do. Billy was back in school, so we really couldn't go too far! We hit the library, Jump and Bouce, Baskin Robbins and Cabelas. It is so funny how the boys still love going to CABELAS!

We went to Triple Play with our friends from Montana the Richardsons. It was so fun to see and play with them.

Tyler and Gabe enjoying the wave pool.

I was suprised how well Nathan did - considering he had just had his surgery barely a week before. He mainly wanted to hang out in the hot tube, but hey thats where I wanted to be also. Grandpa Hinckley made him some plugs for his ears so we didn't have to worry about the water.

Ryan had so much fun splashing, running all over the place and putting his mouth over all the bubbly fountains. I knew that I would not be able to go by myself, ( Billy was in Utah for his Grandpa's funeral), so my mom came and helped which was a lifesaver. Thanks so much mom for all your help that night. I truly appreicate it.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Nathan's big surgery

After months of constant and nasty ear infections we went to the ENT and found out that it was not his ears - but his tonsils and adnoids that were causing "ALL" the problems. The Dr. even said that most likely in 6 months his speech will even improve. Nathan was fantastic through it all. He was not even that nervous going into surgery. In fact, he took the nurses hand and walked back all by himself.

The surgery went well and was over before I new it. Walking into the room to see him after surgery was difficult for me. Instantly the tears flowed when I saw my "baby" laying there all druged up and knowing that he was in pain and hurting. He was so paitent, and for him that does not come naturally. That night we all were thinking "wow" he is doing so well - up wrestling with Tyler and Ryan. The next day - was much different, but as long as we stayed on top of the medicine, he did very well.

I had stocked up on all the icecream and popsicles in advance and quickly found that he did not want any of it. He wanted mashed potatos and gravy, hot chocolate, soup and anything else that was warm.

Ryan took full advantage of the "maid" service that Nathan was receiving. He thought all he had to do was sit on the couch and eat whatever he wanted. Ryan was Nathan's little buddy watching TV and eating all the treats. Ryan ate all the icecream and popsicles that Nathan should have!

It was a good recovery and took a good week before he really felt comfortable eating different foods. I am grateful that he got the "full-meal deal", having his adnoids and tonsils out, and tubes put back into his ears. Hopefully we will see improvements in the next few months.

I am proud of you Nathan fori being such a good sports about your surgery and being patient with mom and dad while we tried to help you recover. I love you buddy.

Tyler's 7th Birthday

I can't beleive that my baby has turned 7 years old. He is such a great kid and so fun to be around. For his birthday we went bowling at Players and Spectators for an afternoon of fun, cake and icecream. His cake was a snowboarder on the mountains. He invited Roka, Matthew and Payden.

Pinewood Derby

Tyler is in cub scout and is a Tiger. He loves it. Ever since he was super litte, he also wanted to do it , becuase Billy has always worked with the Young Men and Boy Scouts. So when they announced at the beginning of school that 1st graders could be involved with cub scouts - he was all over it. It has been really good for him to have something fun to look forward each week and an opportunity to do something with just dad! Of course, the biggest and most fun activity was the coveted pinewood derby.

We went out to Great Grandpa Ransoms house to use all his wood cutting machines - after much debate of how the car should be designed. Nathan even got in on the fun and Billy designed Nathan a car also.

After weeks of "no you can not touch that" and "Don't touch that!" (even though it is suppose to be "Tyler's" car :) , melting lead and making a mess all over - it was finally time for the race. Many times Tyler was wondering " what the heck did dad do to my car?" I had told Billy that I didn't care if it took 1st placce, all I wanted it to do was make it down the track and finish!

The very 1st race of the day, Tyler's car set a new track record. I was so grateful - it looked like his car was going to do great! After Tyler's car and everyone else had raced - Tyler took 6th out of 35 cars. Billy had done a fantastic job on placing the weights in the right place and made a good car. We were shocked at how well Tylers "Shock Wave" raced. His car was number #321 and bright yellow. Tyler mainly raced against the older boys - since they had better designed cars. It was a lot of fun and very exciting.

Billy was even more excited when we realized that Tyler and him had done well - but we did not have to spend another Saturday in Districts for the "Race off" to see who had the best car! They only took the top 5 to Districts.

After the official race, they had an open race were family or whoever could race. Nathan had a lot of fun racing his car.

Billy talked with other dads and took some mental notes - so who know maybe next year they will do even better - or do the complete opposite!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lovin' life on top of the mountain

We had a really great time at Mt. Spokane and are looking forward to next year when all of us, including Ryan can go.

Ryan at Mt. Spokane

Ryan found this stick and loved pushing it across the hill as all the skiers and snowboarders would come down and get on the chairlift. He absolutely loved it. We had a lot of fun watching dad, Tyler, Nathan and grandpa on the mountain.

Nathan Snowboarding

Tyler Snowboarding


Well, Tyler and Nathan took up snowboarding this winter. They had a complete blast and did very well. They each got a lesson and picked up quickly and by the end of the weekend, were both going down chair 3 with dad. At first Nathan was a kamikaze, but with time he learned that it was actually a lot easier to snowboard "under control." Tyler did well and was able to ride the chair life ( even chair 3 ) by himself. He loved going on it by himself. Ryan and I were "lodge people" and had a goog time, eating treats and drinking hot cocoa. I just realized that ALL my pictures are blurry from the camera that I used. I am so bummed, but atleast you can see them a little.

I was amazed that they both did so well. Way to go Tyler and Nathan!!

Winter 2009

When we moved, it was probably the worst timing ever with snow storms, but we caught the one window between storms and made over the passes from Missoula to Spokane. When we arrived Billy told the boys that " we took a wrong turn and ended up in Alaska." Tyler and Nathan totally beleive him for a few minutes, because you could not see anything. Everything was buried in snow.

How life changes!

Well since the last time that I posted - our life has changed DRASTICALLY. We have moved from Missoula back to Spokane, so that Billy could attend EWU and finish out his BA degree in Business. I have been holding off of adding new posts, because I wanted to have all my posts in order. Well, I have decided that if I am ever going to get back on track I figure that I have to start with life now. So I am hoping that in the near future I will have an update blog :) So watch for more to come.