Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spring Break

We had a great spring break. We stayed close to home, but did a few fun things everyday. It puts a damper in your spirits when it SNOWS during spring break, but oh well we still managed to find lots to do. Billy was back in school, so we really couldn't go too far! We hit the library, Jump and Bouce, Baskin Robbins and Cabelas. It is so funny how the boys still love going to CABELAS!

We went to Triple Play with our friends from Montana the Richardsons. It was so fun to see and play with them.

Tyler and Gabe enjoying the wave pool.

I was suprised how well Nathan did - considering he had just had his surgery barely a week before. He mainly wanted to hang out in the hot tube, but hey thats where I wanted to be also. Grandpa Hinckley made him some plugs for his ears so we didn't have to worry about the water.

Ryan had so much fun splashing, running all over the place and putting his mouth over all the bubbly fountains. I knew that I would not be able to go by myself, ( Billy was in Utah for his Grandpa's funeral), so my mom came and helped which was a lifesaver. Thanks so much mom for all your help that night. I truly appreicate it.