Monday, May 18, 2009

Dying Easter Eggs

We had a lot of fun dying eggs. We even blew out some eggs. It was hilarious to see Tyler and Nathan, it looked like they were blowing out snot. Ryan even did a good job - no spilled dye and no tears from anyone :) Tyler plugging Nathan's nose - so that he could get enough air to blow it out. Tyler blowing out his Easter eggs


Ryan loves horses - nothing more to say than he goes crazy with the thoughts of horses, seeing horses and will do anything if you tell him that you will take him to see the horses. If you are looking at a book of horses he lifts his leg and wants o ride the horses in the book. His favorite pass time is to take carrots and apples to the horses.

As you can see in the picture - he has his apple all ready to throw into the horses. The lead mare is always the 1st one there when he sees Ryan coming. They all know that he brings treats.

Who knows - maybe one day he'll be a famous "horse whisperer!"