Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lovin' life on top of the mountain

We had a really great time at Mt. Spokane and are looking forward to next year when all of us, including Ryan can go.

Ryan at Mt. Spokane

Ryan found this stick and loved pushing it across the hill as all the skiers and snowboarders would come down and get on the chairlift. He absolutely loved it. We had a lot of fun watching dad, Tyler, Nathan and grandpa on the mountain.

Nathan Snowboarding

Tyler Snowboarding


Well, Tyler and Nathan took up snowboarding this winter. They had a complete blast and did very well. They each got a lesson and picked up quickly and by the end of the weekend, were both going down chair 3 with dad. At first Nathan was a kamikaze, but with time he learned that it was actually a lot easier to snowboard "under control." Tyler did well and was able to ride the chair life ( even chair 3 ) by himself. He loved going on it by himself. Ryan and I were "lodge people" and had a goog time, eating treats and drinking hot cocoa. I just realized that ALL my pictures are blurry from the camera that I used. I am so bummed, but atleast you can see them a little.

I was amazed that they both did so well. Way to go Tyler and Nathan!!

Winter 2009

When we moved, it was probably the worst timing ever with snow storms, but we caught the one window between storms and made over the passes from Missoula to Spokane. When we arrived Billy told the boys that " we took a wrong turn and ended up in Alaska." Tyler and Nathan totally beleive him for a few minutes, because you could not see anything. Everything was buried in snow.

How life changes!

Well since the last time that I posted - our life has changed DRASTICALLY. We have moved from Missoula back to Spokane, so that Billy could attend EWU and finish out his BA degree in Business. I have been holding off of adding new posts, because I wanted to have all my posts in order. Well, I have decided that if I am ever going to get back on track I figure that I have to start with life now. So I am hoping that in the near future I will have an update blog :) So watch for more to come.