Sunday, April 27, 2008

Tyler - after school thoughts

On Friday, April 25th, after school Tyler told me that he had told some of his friends that he now wore size 7 pants. I asked him, if they were impressed. Quickly he said, "No, not really. And before I could ask him another question, he blurted out, "NOT EVEN A BIT!" Both Billy and I laughed so hard. It was truly a comment that I will never forget!!


We enjoyed going to the Circus Friday night. It was so fun to watch the boys in awe. Starring at the acrobats and trying to figure out how they were doning everything. They were ablt to ride the elephant - which was pretty exciting. Also that the top of the list for what they like best was - getting "cotton candy"

Fishing Season is FINALLY here!!!

Well, we finally made it out fishing this past Saturday and the boys loved it. The river was running very fast, so pretty much we just threw the line in and reeled it back up. It was nice to get out and enjoy the fresh air and the warm weather. Nathan is excited to learn more about fishing and Tyler is convinced he knows the most about fishing and willing to teach anyone who does not know how. Ryan thought that looking at the river was the most exciting.