Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Nathan's big surgery

After months of constant and nasty ear infections we went to the ENT and found out that it was not his ears - but his tonsils and adnoids that were causing "ALL" the problems. The Dr. even said that most likely in 6 months his speech will even improve. Nathan was fantastic through it all. He was not even that nervous going into surgery. In fact, he took the nurses hand and walked back all by himself.

The surgery went well and was over before I new it. Walking into the room to see him after surgery was difficult for me. Instantly the tears flowed when I saw my "baby" laying there all druged up and knowing that he was in pain and hurting. He was so paitent, and for him that does not come naturally. That night we all were thinking "wow" he is doing so well - up wrestling with Tyler and Ryan. The next day - was much different, but as long as we stayed on top of the medicine, he did very well.

I had stocked up on all the icecream and popsicles in advance and quickly found that he did not want any of it. He wanted mashed potatos and gravy, hot chocolate, soup and anything else that was warm.

Ryan took full advantage of the "maid" service that Nathan was receiving. He thought all he had to do was sit on the couch and eat whatever he wanted. Ryan was Nathan's little buddy watching TV and eating all the treats. Ryan ate all the icecream and popsicles that Nathan should have!

It was a good recovery and took a good week before he really felt comfortable eating different foods. I am grateful that he got the "full-meal deal", having his adnoids and tonsils out, and tubes put back into his ears. Hopefully we will see improvements in the next few months.

I am proud of you Nathan fori being such a good sports about your surgery and being patient with mom and dad while we tried to help you recover. I love you buddy.

Tyler's 7th Birthday

I can't beleive that my baby has turned 7 years old. He is such a great kid and so fun to be around. For his birthday we went bowling at Players and Spectators for an afternoon of fun, cake and icecream. His cake was a snowboarder on the mountains. He invited Roka, Matthew and Payden.

Pinewood Derby

Tyler is in cub scout and is a Tiger. He loves it. Ever since he was super litte, he also wanted to do it , becuase Billy has always worked with the Young Men and Boy Scouts. So when they announced at the beginning of school that 1st graders could be involved with cub scouts - he was all over it. It has been really good for him to have something fun to look forward each week and an opportunity to do something with just dad! Of course, the biggest and most fun activity was the coveted pinewood derby.

We went out to Great Grandpa Ransoms house to use all his wood cutting machines - after much debate of how the car should be designed. Nathan even got in on the fun and Billy designed Nathan a car also.

After weeks of "no you can not touch that" and "Don't touch that!" (even though it is suppose to be "Tyler's" car :) , melting lead and making a mess all over - it was finally time for the race. Many times Tyler was wondering " what the heck did dad do to my car?" I had told Billy that I didn't care if it took 1st placce, all I wanted it to do was make it down the track and finish!

The very 1st race of the day, Tyler's car set a new track record. I was so grateful - it looked like his car was going to do great! After Tyler's car and everyone else had raced - Tyler took 6th out of 35 cars. Billy had done a fantastic job on placing the weights in the right place and made a good car. We were shocked at how well Tylers "Shock Wave" raced. His car was number #321 and bright yellow. Tyler mainly raced against the older boys - since they had better designed cars. It was a lot of fun and very exciting.

Billy was even more excited when we realized that Tyler and him had done well - but we did not have to spend another Saturday in Districts for the "Race off" to see who had the best car! They only took the top 5 to Districts.

After the official race, they had an open race were family or whoever could race. Nathan had a lot of fun racing his car.

Billy talked with other dads and took some mental notes - so who know maybe next year they will do even better - or do the complete opposite!