Thursday, September 18, 2008

"I just could not breathe!"

Tyler was quite a little dare devil this year at Silverwood - all he could talk about was wanting to ride the Panic Plunge. The pictures are great of his face right after the "drop". I asked him if he was scared and he said, "No - I just could not breathe!" I am proud of you Tyler for trying it out.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bumper boats


It would not be summer without our annual trip to Silverwood. It is so much fun and the boys look forward to it each year. This year both Tyler and Nathan rode the rollercoasters. Tyler did the panic plunge - which in his words, "was not scary - I just could not breathe! :) I was suprised at how much Nathan absolutely loved going on all the rollercoasters. Billy was in heaven just knowing that both Tyler and Nathan LOVE rollercoasters. We never even made it to the water park - we stayed in the amusement park the WHOLE day from open to close. It was a great day.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Missing tooth

Well, the tooth fairy is now familiar with our house. On Saturday June 21, 2008 Tyler lost his 1st tooth. It was very exciting. We were camping and glad that we did not loose it in the dirt. The tooth fairy gave him 4 quarters and a one dollar bill. He now wants to save all his teeth and give them to the tooth fairy all at once - so he can get more money at one time :)

It's official Tyler has Graduated from Kindergarten

Doesn't he look so cute!!

Tyler's last day of Kindergarten

Tyler had a fabulous year at Hellgate Elementary School. His teacher was Mrs. O'Conner and she was a perfect fit for Tyler. She helped him learn to read, do math and enjoy going to school. He made some wonderful friends in his class. Tyler alway said that Mrs. O was teaching them "1st grade stuff." He loved going to school.

Nathan's last day of school

Nathan attended preschool at 1st Luthern Church and his teacher was Mrs. Stiff. He absolutley loved going to school and especially being the "super star". That was the day that he would bring treats/snack, show and tell and be the most important "line leader."

Learning the HARD way!

Well Ryan really learned his lesson on how to properly go down stairs. His poor face took a beating at the expense of learning. We did not realize that the slider door was left open. So much for cute 1 year old pictures - they will have to be post-poned.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It's my Birthday !

Ryan turned 1 and had a wonderful birthday. Natalie and mom and dad made the drive over to come celebrate with us. He was not bashful about getting into his cake - he was reaching for it before we even sung "Happy Birthday" I can't believe that 1 year has already come and gone - I quess time flies when you are having fun!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Tyler - after school thoughts

On Friday, April 25th, after school Tyler told me that he had told some of his friends that he now wore size 7 pants. I asked him, if they were impressed. Quickly he said, "No, not really. And before I could ask him another question, he blurted out, "NOT EVEN A BIT!" Both Billy and I laughed so hard. It was truly a comment that I will never forget!!


We enjoyed going to the Circus Friday night. It was so fun to watch the boys in awe. Starring at the acrobats and trying to figure out how they were doning everything. They were ablt to ride the elephant - which was pretty exciting. Also that the top of the list for what they like best was - getting "cotton candy"

Fishing Season is FINALLY here!!!

Well, we finally made it out fishing this past Saturday and the boys loved it. The river was running very fast, so pretty much we just threw the line in and reeled it back up. It was nice to get out and enjoy the fresh air and the warm weather. Nathan is excited to learn more about fishing and Tyler is convinced he knows the most about fishing and willing to teach anyone who does not know how. Ryan thought that looking at the river was the most exciting.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Easter Sunday 2008

Here we are on Easter Sunday all ready to go to church. Tyler is 6, Nathan 4 and Ryan is 10 months. We stayed the following week - since it was Tyler's Spring Break and HAD to hit all our favorite "Hot Spots", like Krispy Kremes, Jump and Bounce, Riverfront park, Chuck E. Cheese, YMCA for swimming and many others.