Friday, July 24, 2009


We did so much in a few days that it was fun, but we were VERY tired!! I bought the City Pass and wanted to take full advantage of all great deals.

We left on Tues the 14th in the morning and got to Seattle by early afternoon. We hit the Aquarium 1st. It was great to touch and feel at the Tide Pools. It was probably everyone favorite. We also really like the tall fish tank as you walk in. It was probably atleast 20 feet tall - with amazing life swimming throughout.

Next we went on our harbor cruise. It was really exciting being on such a large boat. It was very informational - I did not get much out of it, since I was chasing 3 boys. What a beautiful coastline Seattle has.

After dinner and swimming at the hotel, we decided to go to the Space Needle. It was spectacular to see the city. The boys enjoyed looking through the spotting scopes. They had fun finding different things up in the Space Needle and then seeing them on the ground - like a Pepsi sign.

Wednesday we headed for the Zoo. We had a good time seeing all the animals. I think that it was too hot for them, becuase they were not really playing, most of them were just "sitting around".

By 2pm we were going to the Amusemeum of Flight. Both Tyler and Nathan crashed on the ride within minutes. When we got there, we were able to walk through Air Force One and the Concord. It was great to see how massive these planes are and a miracle that they can stay in the air!! They had a huge room full of all sorts of planes - fighters and old-school. Everyone really enjoyed this stop - well worth it!

On Thursday (our last day) we spent it at the Science Center. It was fun, but more over the top of the boys. The cool thing we did there was the IMAX. It showed Underwater Garden 3D. We loved that. It was the 1st time that the boys had seen an IMAX and also 3D.

We rode the monorail over to the mall for lunch. It was pretty hilarius that Nathan had a "battle" for the front seat with a man easily in his late 60's. The guy figured out that Nathan was wanting the font seat and sneaking his way forward. Well, when the opened the gates, the race was on! I couldn't beleive it - it was so funny to see them both weaving between the seats. Well he made it and the guy slide in 2nd!

The car ride home was really long! The boys did great considering how tired they were!

All in all, it was great and we had fun memories of Seattle.

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